Thursday, 10 March 2016

Blog Update And Eight Opinions

Okay folks, I'm back. Partially. The family matter is ongoing, and I don't feel I can talk about it here, but I've been away too long. So, I'm running a Sunday service for the foreseeable future. I've no shortage of demands on my time now, and I'm going to Botcon 2016, which is gonna be something of a distraction. And a good source of material too, don't get me wrong, but JEEEEEEETTTTT LAAAAGGGG. In the meantime, here's an article touching on the varying toy, political and nerd film news that happened while I was away.

Source unknown. Please tell me, I'd love to know.

The New York Toy Fair reveals
Yay! Chromedome! Yay! Fort Max! Yay! Almost Everything! Hang on, where's Computron and Liokaiser? Oh, there's Computron, yay!

The TakaraTomy versions of Titans Return toys, such as Hardhead
This is a complex one. The Japanese versions of Transformers tend to get lots of praise for superior paintwork and very closely following the G1 cartoon, and they've taken the step of retooling the faces for that purpose. So Hardhead has a mouth, like most of his appearances. However, purists will note that the Japanese cartoon continuity diverged from the Western version sharply in 1987, and had their own exclusive series. Which of course, does not line up with any Hasbro depiction. The whole “Takara makes stuff that reminds me of the cartoon I saw as a kid, and Hasbro don't, so its better” argument doesn't really apply here. It is however interesting to see these these come with mini-vehicles intended for release for $5 price point in the West. On a more objective standpoint, if the price is proportional, this would be a legitimate improvement. Given that I found Hardhead for preorder at $36, maybe not.

The Deadpool movie
An obvious labour of love, that deserves all the praise and money its receiving. If you like the trailers, especially the uncensored ones, go see it. Its easily the best non-Marvel Studios superhero film since 2008, both in terms of entertainment value and adaptation. I just hope Hollywood won't learn the wrong lesson from its success. You know, that Deadpool isn't popular merely because he minces people and says bad words and is from the 90's. Its because it was made by people whom cared, who did a good job, backed up with a spectacular advertising campaign.

Batman V Superman to get a “R Rated” home release
Oh god, too late. This has apparently been in works for a while, so its not Warner jumping on a trend. Its still a bloody stupid idea, regarding a film which has had seemingly nothing but stupid ideas. These characters are intended for children. Here's a more detailed rebuttal. And another.

The Venom film that doesn't involve Spider-Man
Oh god, too late.

On Donald Trump
Oh god, too late.

The new Ghostbusters trailer
Wow, what a lot of controversy. I'm almost afraid to talk about this, lest I accidentally I align myself with a bunch of misogynistic and/or entitled troll fanboys. The thing is this: I didn't find the trailer funny. I didn't find it engaging. It felt like exactly every other Hollywood comedy, possibly involving Adam Sandler, but could have been made by or starring anyone of the tinsel town standbys. Its too early too tell, humour is subjective, but I didn't like it. I'm also inclined to say that all the gender controversy is just giving the film free advertising, which it may not deserve.

And finally, the E.U Referendum
Look, whatever you decide, try to read up on the situation. I mean actually, read, don't just watch a rolling news channel. Don't use a single newspaper or website, and seek ones you normally wouldn't read. You're probably best off starting with the BBC; everybody has an agenda, but at least the beeb has impartiality in their charter. And then actually vote. And then shut up about the result, whatever it may be.

So sick of hearing about this.

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