Sunday, 1 November 2015

Blog Watch: Month 3

Well, I hope we all enjoyed the big Unicron uber review. It took a while, and hopefully excuses a lighter article today. Plus, its the end of the month, its time for another look back at the blog. The good news is that viewing figures continue to be on the upswing, crossing that all important 1000 page views milestone, although the rate of improvement is beginning to level off. Of course, I've only had about 2 and half months of data, so its not wise to put too much stock in the numbers. On the flip side, my surplus of articles has largely dried up, so I am devoting some of my time off to rebuilding that reserve. This is at least partially due to the good time I've been having with Transformers: Devastation, which is holding my attention rather well for such a short game. I also got these.

Yes, long term readers may recognise that as a Warhammer 40,000 product, a frequent topic of my old blog, and the first I've brought in about a year and a half. For newer readers: well, I liked that miniatures game a lot, but a succession of disappointing releases and PR disaster that was Age of Sigmar put me off Games Workshop as a company. Happily though, this is a Fantasy Flight game, and one extremely well received, so I took a chance on it. An article of some description is pencilled in, to be completed once I've played a few games.

On the subject of pending articles, here's a short list of what's on the chopping block, in no particular order. All of this is subject to change, as real life and new shiny things can get in the way.

Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus.

Beast Machines Mirage.

The little fellow in the above picture.

A Transformers: Devastation review.

An editorial on Combiner Wars and its reception so far.

Energon Cruellock.

ROTF Depthcharge.

Hope to see you back soon.

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