Sunday, 22 November 2015

Transformers News And Belated Cute Post

My apologies for missing last night folks. While I run ahead on the Tuesday/Thursday articles, Saturday/Sunday articles get done on the day. Or not, in this case. I double-booked, sorry. So here's a a little something to make up for it, with a promise of better stuff next week.

Source: Ahon Sarkar

Now, on to want I want to talk about. Hasbro dropped a few bombshells this week regarding Titans Return, next year's toy line. As I have previously indicated, people are rather excited about that line, and now they are more so. Presenting: Exhibit A

My inner 7-year-old got rather vocal about this. That's a modernised version of Powermaster OptimusPrime, the first Optimus I ever owned, and the version of the character I associated with the Marvel comic series. Basically, Optimus died and came back to life, this not being as much of a cliché at the time, and eventually was rebuilt with a new body, a bigger trailer, and a lot of guns. The toy was awesome, but it was also a brick, so I'm glad to see them take another swing at it. I am also pleased to see my suspicions about Ultra Magnus were correct. I am less keen about the hollow forearms though, that's looking to a line-wide flaw. Then they finally confirmed this dude, having teased him in slides.

Fortress Maximus was of course the holder of the “World's Biggest Transformer” title, and something I have coveted in the past. He lost that title to Generations Metroplex, whom is now being retooled into Fortress Maximus. At least, in so far as we can tell from this art and leaked images. I may need to write a bit more about this phenomenon, but at least his signature gimmick is there. 

The other big thing is going to a vote, via facebook post, to select a toy to made in 2017. The options are Skorponok, rival to Max above, Trypticon, rival to Metroplex above, and Omega Supreme, rivalry with the Constructicons. In full Titan scale, too. So, gigantic. This is kinda awesome, but given the investment of time and money a Transformer actually needs, I find myself honestly surprised. Makes me wonder if the moulds are all ready to go, or if there's a lot of shared parts going on. Still cool. Go vote on Tuesday.

Toy artwork and images Copyright Hasbro. Source: BWTF and Hasbro Pulse.

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