Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Concise Review of Generations Cliffjumper & Suppressor In 500 Words Or Less

Pricepoint/Vintage: Legends Class, 2014.
Transformation Style: Shellformer, with simplistic triplechanger.
Play Patterns: Robot and car, with robot, car and gun. 5mm weapons, 3mm weapons, targetmaster with minor combination.
Points of Interest: An obvious repaint of Bumblebee, but with Optimus Prime's little buddy and gun instead.

The Good
Cliffjumper works well in both modes, while Suppressor brings the dakka as one of the better partners/accessories. As a pair, play value is high, Cliffjumper effectively having two big guns, which can combine into a bigger gun in two ways, and 12 points of articulation. Both have 5mm ports on the roof for car mode, allowing for road warrior action together or separately, and weapon storage in robot form. As he's based off Bumblebee, Cliffjumper looks pretty good in car mode too, and the slightly over-proportioned arms also work well for a bruiser like Cliff. Suppressor meanwhile has 3mm hands, and can just about carry the ion blaster by himself.

The Bad
Quality control on my example was iffy, Suppressor notably having excess plastic, and thick yellow paint gumming up his workings. Said paint was probably the wrong colour to choose, making him the ugly one, although that's not to say Cliffjumper is flawless. His finicky transformation brings Visible Head Syndrome in car mode, indentations on the doors, and big vehicle panels as a robot. Cliffjumper also has some articulation problems as the neck is fixed, and the knees are limited.

The Mediocre

In replacing the Blazemaster helicopter mould, certain play features are forgotten, like the arm ports. As he's based on the Roller mould, Suppressor is amongst the better of Micromaster style partners, but that still means he's basic by Mini-Con or Legion standards. Transforming to truck mode is a matter of laying him down, and he only has two points of articulation.


The Alternatives
Given his status as Bumblebee's repaint guy, finding similar toys to Cliffjumper is very very easy. Within the same vintage however, I'd recommend Swerve or especially Cosmos.

The Verdict
Cliffjumper and Suppressor complement each other very well. It makes sense that Cliffjumper should have all the guns, and short of a major retool, this was a good way to do things. Two solid moulds in the same packet, what's not to like? Well, there's that yellow paint, and Cliffjumper inherits Bumblebee's weaknesses. Not big weaknesses for the size and price, but still weaknesses. I regret that I can't make direct comparisons between the two, but I'll stick my neck out and say you don't need to buy both, but you aren't gonna feel bad if you did. And if you skipped on Bumblebee like I did? Well, I got them for a fiver, but I wouldn't have minded paying more.

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