Thursday, 3 December 2015

New Batman V Superman Trailer Released: Doomsday? Seriously, DOOMSDAY!?

Well, the trailer was out, and its confirmed a rumour so dumb I'd discounted it. Here is the trailer.

There's a lot to breakdown here, so much so I think an article is in order, but I'll limit my comments today to the reveal. In a stereotypical example of a trailer spoiling a film's big twist, Lex Luthor will create Doomsday, seemingly from General Zod's remains. Doomsday is of course best known, and perhaps only known, for "killing" Superman in the early 90's. He's been in plenty of comics since, but if you are getting a "Bane breaking Batman" vibe to events, you aren't wrong. This means the main influences on Batman V Superman  now include a plotline where Superman is beaten to death by a monster in biker shorts.

I restate my pessimism about this project.

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