Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Non-Spoiler, Non-Review Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I write this review in the knowledge that you've probably seen the film already, and there's only so much I can add to the thousands of reviews and clickbait articles on this subject. This is kind of rush job too, as work and family commitments make the full attention the film deserves impossible. I am also nice enough not to discuss spoilers, for that hypothetical and unfortunate reader whom hasn't seen the film, and may find the experience tarnished by my comments. So here's a selection of brief statements about the movie.

Yes, its better than the prequels, that low hurdle is easily overcome.

Its beautiful, and John Boyega's character is the best part of the film.

Thanks to a combination of callbacks and purposeful imitation, TFA feels a lot like the original three films.

Said similarities don't always benefit the narrative, and the original cast essentially hijack the film for a replay of the Battle of Yavin.

Its next to impossible to comment on Kylo Ren without ruining a big part of the film, although I consider him to be THE weak link in the entire business.

Star Wars has developed self-aware humour all of a sudden.

I hit sensory overload  a few times, like when watching Age of Ultron or a Transformers film.

And finally:

Its closer to Jurassic World, than Mad Max: Fury Road.

That's all for now.

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