Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Concise Review of Generations Fall Of Cybertron Optimus Prime In 500 Words Or Less

Pricepoint/Vintage: Deluxe Class, 2012.
Modes: Robot and Cybertronian Truck.
Transformation Style: Simple Optimus style with dramatic head reveal.
Play Patterns: Robot and car, 5mm weapons.
Points Of Interest: Part of tie-in toys to the Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) video game. The altmode is meant to evoke a fist.

The Good
This is amongst the most surprisingly articulated deluxes the brand has ever produced, where both the transformation scheme is an asset, and they threw in some luxuries. There's eighteen joints, with notably free knees and elbows, and eight balljoints. The shoulders and hips each feature a balljoint, with a swivel directly below, and in a design quirk extremely rare in the brand, a balljointed waist. Play value meanwhile is simple but effective, that articulation allowing for full use of the gun, while having seven 5mm ports in robot mode, the most useful being on the forearms and lower legs. Both modes also look good, and the transformation has just enough going on to hold your attention.

The Bad
While not as badly effected as some, Prime does show evidence of the FOC line's reduced budget in that he's unusually small and simple for a deluxe. This is one of those toys that should have been a Voyager, and as such takes a few liberties with the design. Like those annoying bumper pieces on the forearms that don't lock in place, and a set of decorative knees above the actual knees. There's also an improperly applied Autobot badge on the right shoulder.

The Mediocre
While the robot shines, the vehicle is dull. Its a small toy made smaller, and while it does have six 5mm ports, stowing its own weapon looks odd.

The Alternatives
FOC Optimus suffers stiff competition from his immediate predecessor and successor. War For Cybertron Optimus is bigger and more involved, while FOC Ultra Magnus has a rather badass sword as a bonus accessory. The superior Japanese paintjob trope is also in effect, and there's simply no shortage of Primes. You might want to throw a rock, you'll hit one.

The Verdict
FOC Optimus Prime is a toy that was, and is, easily dismissed as another Prime, but to do so is a disservice to yourself. Its true it does basically nothing new, its small, and like a lot of its kind, there's a superior remould in the wings. That does not however diminish the many things it does right, and this toy has remained a persistent part of my collection while more popular toys did not. It's worth your time.

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