Sunday, 18 October 2015

Youtube Highlights: The Flocking Game Industry

Hi there, its time for another selection of youtube clips that have caught my interest in the last week. Today's theme, games going wrong. Also: swearing. Lots of swearing.

Vogelsap's Jeroen Van Hasselt, the guy behind The Flock, has given an extremely frank presentation on why that game failed. I feel sorry for him, it was an interesting idea. No audible swearing here.

In more indie games news, not all of them are nice. Jim Sterling, a man as foul-mouthed as he is right, as spoken once more about his ongoing battle with Digitial Homicide, a company politely described as shady, and probably due some sort of legal attention.

And on the subject of Indie games developers acting badly, we have Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios, this time adding microtransaction to Payday 2, despite repeatedly promising they wouldn't. ReviewTechUSA summarises the issue below, with some swearing.

Apparently not wanting to be left out, EA has announced that their Star Wars: Battlefront game will feature a seasons pass of downloadable content comparable in cost to the game itself, plus microtransactions. I think you can't fail to make money on a game like this, and anything other than retail price is greed. The AngryJoeShow has this to say. And curse.

And, just to lighten your mood, to prove that not everything is wrong in the world, a bunch of youtube personalities are running a Blood Bowl 2 league. Not because they were sponsored, but because they love the game. Here is a recap video made by league organiser wowcrendor.
Again, some cursing.

I love me a bit of Blood Bowl :)

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